Back in time

“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel Fashion is now an industry evolving so fast we can’t follow. Indeed, fashion is never the same throughout the years, we can’t dress the way they did in the 20’s, or in the 50’s. But is fashion really that different? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able … More Back in time

Oversized clothes

Oversized clothes aren’t always a tomboy style. You can always borrow some clothes from your older brother, father… and they may be as stylish as your clothes.   The trick is to balance the overall.You can wear an oversize shirt with skinny pants and a straight leather jacket. Or you can rock an oversized denim […]

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Back to school

After, i must admit, a very long summer break, schools and universities are around the corner and waiting for us to come back. As some are very excited to start their new major or school year, others are less hyped to be back. So let’s make this return a little easier to bear and talk … More Back to school

He for She

Sometimes, the only thought going through a girl’s mind is I WISH I WAS A GUY .  But why is this thought haunting our minds? Why do girls want to trade genders? Well for the simplicity of a guys’ life. For the comfort and of course, for the outfits. In fact there was never a … More He for She

Le Sport Chic Part 2

Ponchos and Nike. A colorful look featuring fringed colorful ponchos, a turquoise dress and Nikes. The secret is to balance the outfit. This summer forget your classic LBD, and opt for a colorful dress instead. Chic in sweatpants, Who knew? A combination of a grey boyfriend sportswear bottom, paired with a simple fringed white I-shirt, … More Le Sport Chic Part 2