Spring Calling

As winter is almost over, we are entering one of the season transition periods, that are, in my opinion, the hardest ones to manage fashion wise, because you have to keep up with a moody weather. Not hot enough yet for summer clothes, but too warm for your winter outfits. That’s why I have decided … More Spring Calling


Bralettes are a new big hit right now. Whether it is just to wear it as lingerie, or to show some bits and pieces of it, bralettes are more comfortable than an regular bra, and less vulgar to wear under a see-through, ripped or side slits top. Lace, sheer, detailed, plunged, backless, etc., they are … More Bralettes

Back in time

“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel Fashion is now an industry evolving so fast we can’t follow. Indeed, fashion is never the same throughout the years, we can’t dress the way they did in the 20’s, or in the 50’s. But is fashion really that different? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able … More Back in time

Kendall and Kylie

Originally known because of their family’s reality show, Kendall and Kylie Jenner don’t stop at that and start a modeling career. The E! stars are now considered as real style icons. Constantly daring, Kendall and Kylie are always ready to try new stuff. The young top models always look super stylish wether they’re spotted on […]

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If you want to go back in time, Vanina is the perfect place to do it. From 50’s style to 70’s, from 80’s to 90’s Vanina has it all. Pairing different patterns together, mixing and matching them with something totally outside the norm, is what makes Vanina vintage and special. Vintage clothing aren’t always the […]

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Stay Weird

Fashion is all about statement.To stand out, you have to be different, to have something special. But sometimes it’s not that easy.Nowadays, if something is trendy, everybody has it, and it makes it boring. That’s what it does, it transforms something that everybody wants into something that everybody has and turns it into something boring […]

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Oversized clothes

Oversized clothes aren’t always a tomboy style. You can always borrow some clothes from your older brother, father… and they may be as stylish as your clothes.   The trick is to balance the overall.You can wear an oversize shirt with skinny pants and a straight leather jacket. Or you can rock an oversized denim […]

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