Back in time

“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel
Fashion is now an industry evolving so fast we can’t follow.
Indeed, fashion is never the same throughout the years, we can’t dress the way they did in the 20’s, or in the 50’s. But is fashion really that different?
Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to rock an old style without looking either old fashioned or on our way to a costume party?
 How can we go back in time without loosing today’s fashion?

The concept of this article is to show you the way our grand-parents, parents… used to dress when they where young, to show you what was trendy and fashionable. The point is to show you fashion throughout time and how can we bring it back, how can we revive it, and how can we be able today to wear everything they used to wear without looking unfashionable, but instead modernize it, upgrade the outfits without of course loosing the period’s glow.
At the end, all these outfits are uncategorizable because they are timeless

At the core there is style and that does not change. What changes is the way style is presented, and that is fashion.

Today’s trends are yesterday’s fashion. Never throw anything out because you never know when you might need it again!

In these outfits, we can see style throughout the years.
PS: the outfits are originally in black and white, no colors where damaged or transformed.





60’s fashion





We took the same items from the previous outfits and modernized them by adding accessories, changing some of the outfit items such as the top, the jewels or simply wearing some differently.




The concept of these three different outfits is to show you how the same print can be worn and styled over the years. From the 50’s till today, this print never went out of style nor gotten old-fashioned.


Retro fashion







50’s fashion





Gatsby fashion (20’s)

In these outfits we tried to recreate the types of outfits worn in the 20’s since this period is having a huge success in parties nowadays, especially after the release of the movie The Great Gatsby.




Hippies fashion (60’s)

Today, hippy is a huge hit. It is a comfortable way of dressing, wether it is for a cozy outfit or for a classy one. Back in the days hippies couldn’t care less about the way they dressed. But today their style has become a trend followed by many.


















Rocker/Biker fashion




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