Different ways to wear crop tops

From casual to classy, with shorts or skirt, crop tops can be used in several ways for many occasions. Take a look at some ways to wear a crop top :











Different ways to wear crop tops


Crop tops are very easy to wear, you just need to find the appropriate clothes to wear them with and the right occasion.

If you want to go for a casual summer look, opt for a hight waisted denim short with an aztec crop top. The top can be ether in neutral colors such as cream, black and gold, or it could be more colorful. Add some simple accessories, but always make sure to go for the same color pattern as the crop top.

You can also wear a short sleeved stretch top, because it will give you a prettier figure, with a loose skirt. For example, a yellow, black and white floral print crop top with a black leather skirt, black Converse shoes and some accessories are perfect for a summer look: not too colorful but not colorless either, and even though its sounds like a mainly black outfit, the yellow and white prints on the top add the necessary dose of color.

Something else you may want to can go for is a semi sheer maxi skirt, with a floral crop top. For this outfit, a colorful i-shirt is preferable. The maxi skirt doesn’t have to be necessarily black but try to wear a maxi skirt color that you can recognize on the top. Wear sandals with this outfit and a light denim jacket.

Crop top are not only a beach outfit. You can wear a crop top and look very classy and elegant. But be careful what to pair with your top. You can wear a neutral color crop top with printed or plain shorts, maxi-skirt or pants, but they have to be high-waisted. Or leave the bottom plain-colored with the print pattern on the top. Wear the right amount of jewels, semi or heeled  boots, and believe me you will look as classy as is you were in a dress.

Here are some of the celebrities who wore crop tops on red carpets and looked absolutely gorgeous: 


Selena Gomez


                                                                Kylie Jenner
Kacey Musgraves


Jessica Alba
Shailene Woodley


Olivia Wilde
Laura Whitmore


Lily Collins
Zooey Deschanel
Lily Collins  


Lucy hale
Jennifer Lawrence


Kristen Stewart
Olivia Wilde
Kylie Jenner
Zoe Saldana
Vanessa Hudgens


Kendall Jenner
Jessica Lowndes


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