Stay Weird

Fashion is all about statement.
To stand out, you have to be different, to have something special. But sometimes it’s not that easy.
Nowadays, if something is trendy, everybody has it, and it makes it boring. That’s what it does, it transforms something that everybody wants into something that everybody has and turns it into something boring that you see everywhere. It’s nobody’s fault though, fashion is now an industry and nobody can control it.
But what if you thought differently? What if the item that everybody has, was worn by each one of us in a different and unique way?

Who says scarves had to be worn on the neck? Why don’t we wear them differently?
There are so many ways to wear a scarf.
Why not wear it as a top, a bandana, a belt or even a bag?

What about a shirt that you can wear as a dress or as a skirt?

Whatever you think, think the opposite. Don’t be afraid. Be creative.
Don’t be normal, because normal is boring.

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