If you want to go back in time, Vanina is the perfect place to do it. From 50’s style to 70’s, from 80’s to 90’s Vanina has it all. Pairing different patterns together, mixing and matching them with something totally outside the norm, is what makes Vanina vintage and special.

Vintage clothing aren’t always the easiest thing to wear because sometimes you come to the point where you have to mix and match some things that do not usually coexist in harmony and that’s the beauty of it. You have to think outside the box but at the same time you can’t overdo patterns.
As you will see below, vintage is also all about length and colors.

I paired some of Vanina’s outfits to give you a preview of their vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry line. All the items used for this photo shoot are from the Vanina collection and are available at Vanina store in Mar Michael in several colors.

This item is a statement of its own thanks to the unique print. And vintage is all about statement.
This print is indeed unfamiliar and draws attention to give a sort of charm to this simple cut. This sort of print is a guaranteed eye-catcher in a crowd .
Who says that hoodies aren’t classy?
This outfit shows that sometimes wearing thing you thought were casual can be classy and vice versa. The length of the skirt and pants as well as their cut are in the vintage tradition. So are the colors and prints. Usually you would go for a skirt and heels or pants and sandals. But here we paired a high waisted golden skirt with a baggy sweatshirt and sandals. And high waisted loose floral print pants with the same sweatshirt and heels.
Pop of colors.
There is no rule that says that colors are childish and that only black is elegant. You can wear colors and still look elegant. This vintage outfit is perfectly fine for a fancy lunch or dinner. It features a colorful skirt, a little bit underneath the knee in the 60’s tradition, paired with a silk backless bright turquoise crop top. The turquoise color comes back on the skirt’s strips.
Add some jewels to the outfit and you are good to go.
This Bollywood like style isn’t what you commonly see on our streets. But it is as stylish as wearing jeans, which are traded for  high waisted pants open from both sides. These are paired with a loose crop top and wedges. This vintage look is suitable for any occasion.
The look in general is vintage. Very classy and elegant, this is more of a working woman’s look, therefore may be thought of as more appropriate for older women. Make no mistake, this is as young as it can get. The color of the skirt is a very unusual color, gold bronze, and we can find this color on the edges of the polka dot baggy crop top.

This outfit may remind you of the way they dressed in medieval times. They used to wear a dress made of two parts: a coset and a puffy floor-length trail. This outfit features a vintage silver corset like crop top paired with a wide open leg bright red floor-length skirt. The outfit itself is catchy so no need to overdo it. A simple necklace or earring will do. This outfit is elegant and chic but at the same time daring and sexy.
This outfit is chic and accentuates the body figure. This electric blue skirt accentuates the hip’s silhouette. The gold bronze, plunging neckline, baggy crop top is in a 70’s tradition.
Floral print.
Leotards aren’t only for ballerinas. They are very comfortable and simple to wear. You can wear them with anything, skirts, shorts, jeans and pants. Personally i like to create contrast and so, wear leotards with something baggy or loose. That’s why these pants are the perfect match with the leotard. Create an antique touch by adding pumps.
(the necklace belongs to a special collection named cease fire, made as a peace message)
Overalls are the easiest thing to wear. In my opinion they’re a must have in every girl’s closets. These overalls can be worn casually and they can be worn elegantly. Everything depends on what you wear with them. These asymmetrical special brown overalls are printed with miniature white polka dots so they looks neutral. You have to add colors to make them stand out. If you want to wear them for a shopping day… just pair them with detailed sandals and a colorful bag. If you want to wear them for a night out, wear them with colorful heels and bold earrings.
This matching mustard yellow ensemble has a real vintage look, not just because of the ensemble but because of the color too. Not everybody can pull off a matching outfit from head to toe especially when it’s a mustard yellow ensemble. This baggy crop top and floor-length skirt are a very hippy yet classy outfit that you can wear both at a day out, simple dinner with flats or at a wedding, or classier dinner with heels.


A simple yet elegant short dress. The lace on the shoulders gives attitude and keeps this dress from being boring. But the lace is already an embellishment to the outfit and a statement itself so just add a necklace or bold earrings and you’re good to go. Don’t overdo it. Don’t wear big bold bracelets or too many accessories.
Sparkly doesn’t always mean classy. Just like the fabric of the outfit doesn’t determine the time to wear it. In this outfit we paired a sparkly black crop top, revealing from the back, with high waisted black and white star print shorts, believe it or not, made of sponge towel material. To embellish the ensemble we added a white turban.
This skirt isn’t easy to match despite the simplicity and harmony in it. But the bronze baggy crop top happens to be the perfect match and it kind of brings everything together. The colors on the necklace are the same than the colors on the skirt so it’s a simple but at the same time complex outfit.
(The necklace belongs to the new collection of Vanina which is made of recycled plastic bags in collaboration with Swarovski -every piece is one of a kind-)
This dress is a simple straight long dress, while not floor-length. The length of the dress is not as common today as it was in the past . It stops just a bit above the feet and allows to see the shoes. But what makes it special is the lower polka dot part. It’s a very basic dress with contrast between the upper part and the polka dot part but to create even more contrast, you might want to add colorful shoes, in a range analogous to the dress color (if you want to know more about mixing and matching colors click here) and add accessories and jewels.
Vintage isn’t always about a piece of clothing. You can find a way to create a vintage look by the pieces you pair together. In these two outfits we have different items and different patterns and prints that gives a vintage look.
Of course don’t forget to accessorize. It doesn’t have to be big or bold accessories it can just be a turban and it will make a big difference to the ensemble.
All brown with a touch of color.
A glittery skirt can be bold. Sometimes even risqué. But if you wear it in appropriate places and keep everything simple this skirt is very attractive and elegant. As with the previous outfits, the length and the glitters of this skirt give them a vintage touch. But this outfit would have been boring and plain without some colors so we added detailed green heels and a multicolored necklace.

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