Oversized clothes

Oversized clothes aren’t always a tomboy style. You can always borrow some clothes from your older brother, father… and they may be as stylish as your clothes.

The trick is to balance the overall.
You can wear an oversize shirt with skinny pants and a straight leather jacket. Or you can rock an oversized denim jacket with skinny pants/shorts…
You can wear as well boyfriend pants which i talk about in my article “Boyfriend pants” (click here).
it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear two or more oversized items in your outfit but you need to add something to balance the outfit.

Nobody can do oversize like Rihanna. She has a particular way to wear them and to pull it off really well. Wether it is the entire outfit or just one items, she always shows up elegant with a touch of casual. And that is the Rihanna style which she wears better than anyone.
From oversized shirt worn as a dress with high heels, to an all skinny outfit with an oversized jersey we always look up to Rihanna’s style and we always wait for her next fashion moves.

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